People can often fall into camps when it comes to personal choices.

Tea of coffee?

PC or Apple?

Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor?

But there’s a new debate that is dividing opinion.

Bath or shower?

There is a national trend for people to do away with baths to create walk in shower rooms.

And at Next Place we are seeing this move away from traditional bathrooms ever so slightly.

For some people a nice bathtub is a property must have, up there with central heating, a garden and good transport links.

For a growing number of others, it isn’t that important.

The pros for having a bathtub include soaking after a hard day at work or getting the kids clean and fresh. Most families with younger children insist on bathtubs. Have you ever tried getting a three-year-old to enjoy a shower? It’s hard work.

Young busy couples are opting for walk in showers more and more, probably due to their busy lifestyles and in many new flats space can be at a premium.

But perhaps it’ll surprise you to hear that showers are very popular among older people, especially those with mobility problems.

Walking in and out of a shower is often easier for them than climbing into a bath.

Of course, if you are someone who likes to sit on the fence during this kind of debate (or should that read, sit in the bath) you might go for what many people feel is the best of both Worlds. A nice bathtub with a shower built in above it.

Whatever you choose, having a nice bathroom is a real positive when it comes to selling, renting or simply enjoying your property.

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