Most people when they purchase a property will require some sort of mortgage to be able to fund the purchase.

How do you choose which one is best for you? There are a plethora of companies out there offering mortgages. You may obviously recognise some of the High Street brands local to you, Halifax, Lloyds, Natwest etc, but what about the companies that do not have a High Street presence near you, such as Skipton Building Society, The Mortgage Works, Virgin and so on, and how do you find out about them?

If you’re not a mortgage advisor, you could spend hours researching every company, every deal, and still not understand what you are getting in to, or the long term impact of that decision.

At Next Place, we know it’s a mine field, and don’t profess to understand the pro’s and con’s of each mortgage, that’s why we partner with independent financial advisors to provide you with independent advice. 

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