The Process


Selling Process

Most people move on average every 7 years, so you will be forgiven for not remembering the process and how it works. Here is our handy process to help you along.

  • Get your property on the market with Next Place Property Agents.
  • As good practice, you should choose and instruct a conveyancer (solicitor). We can help you with this.
  • We proactively organise viewings of your property and tell you what position they are in.
  • We will negotiate the best price we can and make sure they can afford your property. We will also qualify their position and speak to their estate agent if they have sold a house too to clarify full chain details. 
  • When we have agreed a price, we make sure we have all of their details, including their solicitor details and send all the paperwork out to all included parties.
  • Only when we have been contacted by the buyers mortgage advisor to confirm they have submitted a mortgage application, and they have instructed their solicitor, will we mark your property as sold. This way you don’t commit to your next purchase before your buyer commits to you. 


Buying Process

So, you want to buy a property. Here are the steps you will go through in this process. We may work differently from other estate agents, but the basic information will be the same. Our aim is to make sure both our customer, the house seller, and you the buyer are happy and kept up to date throughout the whole process.

How are you going to pay for your house purchase? Cash, deposit and mortgage, proceeds of your house sale and a mortgage? We will need to see proof if you make an offer.

  • If you are having a mortgage, have you spoken to a bank or mortgage advisor to see what is affordable for you to borrow?
  • Have you got an Agreement or Decision in Principle from the lender?
  • If you are paying cash, can you prove you have it available?
  • As good practice, you need to choose and instruct a conveyancer (solicitor). We can help you with this.
  • You see a property for sale through Next Place Property Agents that you like the look and layout of and ask us to organise a viewing.
  • We organise a viewing of the property. We will ask what position you are in so we can tell the seller, i.e. first time buyer, sold etc. If you are not in a position to move forward, don’t be offended if the seller doesn’t want you to view until you can move forward. There may be reasons you don’t know about that could affect this decision.
  • We will call you soon after your viewing to see what you thought. If you like the house and decide to make an offer, we will re-clarify your position. We will ask you about your mortgage, your estate agent details and solicitor details. Most sellers will only take offers from buyers that are in a position to move forward.
  • Lets assume your offer has been accepted, we will send all the required paperwork to you, the seller, and both sets of solicitors.
  • You need to formally instruct your solicitors if you haven't already (this can take more than a week due to paperwork) and also pay your application/survey fee to your mortgage advisor.
  • Only when we have been contacted your mortgage advisor to confirm you have submitted a mortgage application and formally instructed a solicitor, will we mark the property as sold. Remember that by law, we need to do the best for our house vendor, the same goes if we are selling your house too.
  • The seller then makes an offer on the property they like and so on. You are now in what is known as 'The Chain'.
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